iVicon in US, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and China 

iVicon Limited was founded in 2003 in Houston, United States, committed to be the knowledge bridge and hub to the Invisible Continent. In addition to its own research and development courses. iVicon is an active, positive enterprise with a strong sense of commitment. Throughout the years, it has inspired many students and received the encouragement of many schools and parents. iVicon is officially the authorized agent on behalf of HASSE in Asia. iVicon has offices in Houston, Princeton, Taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney.

The Vision of iVicon
“ Empowering Youth for Changing Times”

Due to the rapid changes in the world, we will continuously face unprecedented opportunities and challenges , and great changes in the form and content of learning. Therefore, young teenagers need training to establish the survival abilities for the future. These survival abilities, such as flexibility, curiosity, imagination and interdisciplinary cooperation are very important but rarely taught in school. We wish that thematic based learning would empower youth for changing times.

iVicon excels in delivering highly engaging, a deeper, richer experiential learning program that not only fosters the students interest in space science, it empowers students to set goals, and to follow their dreams by applying what they have learnt for life.

In partnership with the Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) and NASA, the HASSE Space School is an international study program aimed at developing student’s critical skills through experiential learning and higher order thinking that is more like an MBA for youth!

The HASSE program is built on a strong foundation based on the seven survival skills, and follows the Harvard principles. It inspires students to create the platform so that they can truly dream big, and empower them with the experience and skills to achieve it!

I had wonderful expectations about HASSE Space School before I went.
After Space School ended, I thought it really went beyond my expectations.
I learned and was inspired.We also visited cool places like the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.
HASSESpace School was a life-changing experience.

Eric, Carnegie Mellon University

I had a chance to be one step closer to my dream. The encouraging words from James and all Space School teachers deeply touched me,
making me believe that although it seems impossible, I have all the abilities and potentials to achieve anything I want.
I feel something building up in my heart, growing bigger every moment, urging me to pursue my dream.
If I have to sum up this trip in to a few words, I would say “I’ve found the strength and courage to realize my dream.

Mia, Waseda University